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Private Aircraft for Sale
Beechcraft Baron 56TC
New leather Interior. Good Paint
Much money spent (N-Registration). More Details to follow. Must be seen to be appreciated.


  Fuji G-BDFR

  Beechcraft Baron 56TC


To place an advert for the sale of an aircraft/share:
Contact info@colaero.com

Giving the following details:
1. Make and Model of Aircraft:
2. Year of manufacturer:
3. Registration number:
4. Engine Hours:
5. Time to next check:
6. External Description:
7. Internal Description:
8. Price of aircraft/share:
9. Your Name address and full contact details:

Aircraft required
If you are looking for a specific aircraft/share please give us a call as we often know of private aircraft/share for sale that are not necessarily displayed on the site.

Colaero is a trade company of small airplanes in United Kingdom. Colaero regularly has light aircraft for sale and also undertakes to sell aircraft on behalf of its clients. It should be noted that Colaero takes no responsibility for third party sales and the buyer should at all times take the necessary pre purchase surveys.

Colaero works with such famous plane manufacturers from Japan as Fuji, and also with Piper, Luscombe, Beechcraft and Cessna.
There are also private airplane sales – if you are interested in some specific aircraft models, feel free to contact us.or the clients- you may place info about your airplane in “Private Aircraft for Sale“ area.