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Private Aircraft for Sale
Beechcraft Baron 56TC
New leather Interior. Good Paint
Much money spent (N-Registration). More Details to follow. Must be seen to be appreciated.

      Piper aircraft

Colaero is glad to work with such great airplane manufacturers as Fuji, Piper, Luscombe, and Cessna as well as with many other private airplanes.

 Colaero is the local leading dealer in the United Kingdom for the Sales, Maintenance and Repair for the Fuji. Fuji produced very up to standard and comfortable aircraft and all aircraft items.

Piper is the dominant airplane manufacturer that offers a wide range of excellent aircrafts for flying dreams of any pilot. Piper is glad and able to provide high standards aviation services for everyone from adventure-seeker – aviators to serious business travelers.

We can help you to find some unique aircraft models from Luscombe, Beechcraft or Cessna producers at affordable prices.

Colaero makes your dreams come true and gives them wings.