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Private Aircraft for Sale
Beechcraft Baron 56TC
New leather Interior. Good Paint
Much money spent (N-Registration). More Details to follow. Must be seen to be appreciated.

      Maintenance services

Having CAA certification, highly qualified aircraft engineer staff, and work experience, Colaero is pleased to be able to provide the following aircraft services:

Colaero offers a full range of maintenance services, from a C. of A. renewal, restoration, annual inspection conforming to national and international airworthiness standards, 50hr check, and accident repairs avionic updates in association with South Coast Avionics based at Shoreham airport.

Colaero prides itself on giving basic all-round maintenance to keep your plane making it look good and in tip top condition.

Call or visit Colaero to find the solutions for all your airplanes needs. Colaero is the only shortest way to spend your time, energy and money on aircraft maintenance.