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Private Aircraft for Sale
Beechcraft Baron 56TC
New leather Interior. Good Paint
Much money spent (N-Registration). More Details to follow. Must be seen to be appreciated.

      Consultancy evaluations for FAA certifications

Having CAA/FAA certification, highly qualified aircraft engineer staff, and work experience, Colaero is pleased to be able to cover the following airplane services:

Consulting evaluation services for CAA/FAA certifications

1. Pre Purchase Surveys
2. Certifications of British registered aircraft abroad, (up and to including C. of A. renewal.)
3. Colaero also offers the full range of P.F.A. services – (Permit Inspections E.T.C.)

Our services meet the requirements for all pretentious clients. We strive to provide our customers with excellent service, and as a result, your request will be processed immediately. For further information on Consulting evaluation services, please, contact us.