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Private Aircraft for Sale
Beechcraft Baron 56TC
New leather Interior. Good Paint
Much money spent (N-Registration). More Details to follow. Must be seen to be appreciated.

      Colaero comments register

Daniel Fukanaga Fuji Service Manager :: 15/7/2006
"Thank you for looking after our aircraft" on a recent visit to the field by 4 Fuji representatives.

John Gillian :: 31/1/2005
I would like to thank Maurice and the whole team at Colaero for the advice and fast service I was given, much appreciated and I will be recommending you to others on our local field.

Many thanks


This is Colaero's general comments area :: 24/8/2004
Future comments on sales, general practice and the odd vent will be placed here. It should be noted that all comments are the responsibility of the writer. Colareo accepts no liability as to there accuracy or validity.